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Weird phone number, +8 country code

Just dialed 1471 (our equivalent of *69) and found someone with the following number called me a few hours ago: 008 000 683 **2 (stars added for privacy)

After going through the lists of country codes, I couldn't find any country which matches this number at all. The initial '00' is what we dial to get international, so the country code for this number is either +8, +80, or +800, none of which exist. Any ideas? Or am I getting trans-solar system calls now?

(Update: The other Peter Cooper says that +800 is an international toll free dialing code. Interesting!)

March 09, 2006 | Posted by peter | Comments (2)

00800 is international toll-free. Check the side of your Colgate toothpaste and you get a similar number :) International mega corps use it to direct calls to overseas call centres.


Posted by: Pete at March 9, 2006 07:16 PM

Doh, I should have guessed as much with the '800' :) Thanks for that, useful information.. I've learnt something today!

Posted by: Peter Cooper at March 9, 2006 07:27 PM

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